Shri Dhyanyogi writes about chanting

Guruji001I had initiations into Dhyanyogi-ji’s Kundalini Maha Yoga tradition and learned much from Shakti, the magazine put out by his organization. He is in Keep This Quiet! IV. In fact, one of the figures on the cover. He firmly believed in the healing power of sound. Here he speaks about chanting:

In Brahmanada: Sound, Mantra and Power, Guruji clearly explains how chanting works within us and our environment: The vibrations, the waves of sound, first affect the Akash (Ether), then the causal body, then it creates an equal effect upon the subtle and gross. When, by the effect of sound, joy is enhanced, then all kinds of tasks become pleasurable, and everything can be accomplished in a better way. It is seen that if melodious music is played while cows are being milked, their quantity is increased. By the sound of music the cobra becomes calm. Deer are tamed by the sound of music. When sound is created, if it is full of feeling, then its effect is more powerful.

The mind does not wander, once it has become engrossed in the sound. Just as water mixes in milk, so does the mind mix with the sound which becomes one with the chittakash (space in the mind).