How to Write and Publish Your Memoir workshop with Stacey Cochran

Saturday, Oct 12 6:30pm

Quail Ridge Books & Music Raleigh, NC


Raleigh “Write to Publish” organizer Stacey Cochran will lead a panel discussion with authors Margaret A. Harrell and Lilith Giardini on how to write and publish your memoir. This event is free to attend, and newcomers are welcome. Ms. Harrell’s memoir Keep This Quiet! My Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, and Jan Mensaert chronicles her relationships with notable writers. Ms. Giardini’s novel Fallen Far from the Tree draws closely from her life experiences. If you’ve ever wanted to write a memoir, make plans to attend this inspiring event.

If you are free that night and happen to be near Quail Ridge Books & Music, drop in.  It’s rather a coup to get invited to present there, so I’m thrilled that Stacey Cochran invited me. He’s a mystery/thriller author and a creative writing instructor at State University.









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