Here’s a little more on “Intuition: Opening to Your Natural Knowingness,” from the DaBen & Orin website:

When you follow your intuition, you have more energy moving through you. You are in the flow, you feel alive! When you don’t follow your intuition, life can become a struggle, like swimming against the tide. You can train your intellect to listen to your intuitive knowingness, and learn not to ignore, discount, or contradict the intuitive feelings you are getting. You can trust your own inner knowingness, and make yourself the authority of what is right for you.

This course here in Raleigh with me will be starting in mid-October. Intuition is something everyone has – men and women, children, even animals. Sometimes I’d swear my dog is using it. Or he’s studied me so well he appears to be. Make a comment if you want to share an intuition you’ve followed up on and how it worked. Here’s a related observation on animal intuition:

Intuition is founded in part on astute observation—something animals are much  better at than humans. In the deadly tsunami that swept the coasts around the  Indian Ocean in 2004, for instance, few wild animals were killed. Researchers  theorize that they were tipped off by sound waves or ground vibrations and ran  for higher ground. There’s evidence that humans can sense these types of cues,  too, but we’re usually too busy paying attention to other, noisier stimuli to  notice.

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