My Escape! Nicole Flemming – Afghanistan inside look
Nicole Flemming – My Escape – Afghanistan



On Amazon , this incredible book will take you inside what it’s like to be a female child in the rural areas of this country. And what awaits the females there as Western troops leave, with most of us not really aware what that means. Read Nicole’s uplifting account. She lived it. Horrifically but inspiringly, she opts to come out on the positive side. I had the honor to edit it, so I know every word, every shock, every choice to be happy regardless, is accurate.

A brutal, frank, and extraordinary account
of true-life stories by Nicole Flemming.

Nicole was born into an Afghan/Irish family in London. Frequently, when people tell stories about their childhood, they remember happy memories playing in the park, their birthday parties, and even adventures with friends.

Yet, such a reality is not part of everyone’s life . . .

This book takes you into the life of a British Afghan female where the male holds all the authority. She experienced abuse from the person who was supposed to look after her. Trapped, afraid, and alone, young Nicole shows us what life was like for her. She also takes us on a life journey of her ancestors, both Afghani and Irish.
Nicole was uplifted by divine intervention from the spirit world; they held her hand and showed her the way, which only deepened her spiritual gifts and enhanced her ability to help others. She reveals many little-known backroads of life that are kept well hidden and unseen, which are not mentioned on this back cover. She will be highlighting some important subjects.
It is not your everyday read. Let’s put it that way.

This book will move you, leaving you gasping with astonishment at just what goes on behind closed doors.