Razor-edge timing is at work again.

But everything is actually running smoothly.

Because yesterday was a weekend day and Keep This Quiet! went live – on the B & N preorders – the split-second timing of Ingram caused a slight glitch.

What happened is that the INGRAM ACCOUNT ONLY WENT ACTIVE TODAY!!- in razor-edge timing – in the wee hours of the morning.

I wouldn’t be belaboring this issue, but I’ve been monitoring it because the professor/Saeculum University Press publisher, Didi-Ionel Cenuser, is in Romania!!

So any of you who received a notice from B & N today saying the preorder shipment was delayed, just hold on one more day till Monday’s workday begins. And the computers get updated.

What happened is probably that B & N went to place the preorders for fulfillment yesterday, a few hours before the account was activated, and found no account!

All along, there have been slightly mysterious situations arising, such as the book going on sale at B & N before its supplier’s account existed. All the luck of the Irish, shall we say. But everything is in fact very smooth. The supply chain has all its links operating – up and ready for business. And since I notified both the printer and B & N, who was happy to get the news and is in fact fulfilling new orders, then if those of you – and elsewhere – who preordered just hold your hats one more day, we’ll celebrate that this too turned out super.

One more customer review went up on Amazon, by someone who likes the inspirational aspect of Keep This Quiet! I was surprised and glad that that part, which I kept fairly played down, came through nonetheless. I am, irrepressibly, an inspirational-type person, though.  And I guess the writing let that show more than I realized.

Meanwhile, the Gonzo Fest happened yesterday as well. And preceding the release of The Rum Diary there’s a second video Episode online regarding the back story at Hunter’s ranch, Owl Farm. Well worth taking a look here.

I’ve been asked by the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania, to take charge of finding books on their list of American Studies for their classes. They have a grant. Of course we’re adding books by Hunter, spreading the Gonzo message. I am sure the students will love him. And his books will add a fine balance to the hefty tomes on their list – that we can get here at greatly reduced price, even counting the cost of shipping.


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